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Startdate Rx Savings Card

We are proud to present Startdate Rx, the ultimate pharmacy savings card. Simply present your card at over 60,000 participating pharmacies to save up to 75 percent on generic or brand medications. You will pay the lowest price available!

Three Easy Steps to Savings

Start Saving on your prescriptions Now

Instant savings of up to 75 percent

Advantages of Using Your Startdate Rx Savings Card

Your Startdate Rx Savings Card works with or without insurance

Save up to 75 percent

This card will help you receive up to 75 percent on your prescriptions.

No limit on age or usage

Regardless of age or other insurance coverage, you can use the card to buy medications.

Generic and brand name drugs

Receive discounts on both generic and brand name medications.

No membership fee

The Startdate Rx Savings Card never expires and is totally free.

Everyone can participate

Available to anyone, regardless of health, income, citizenship or health insurance status.

Available for immediate use

This card can be used right away and only one card is needed per family.

Donut Hole

Use if you entered into or exceeded the Medicare coverage gap.

Discount lower than copayment

Useful when the discount card amount is greater than the insurance copay.

Recognized nationwide

Pharmacist will recognize your Startdate Rx Savings Card nationwide.

Trusted Accepted Honored Welcomed Approved Allowed at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide

Our network includes over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the United States.
The network includes national chains as well as thousands of independent pharmacies.


This program provides discounts at participating pharmacies for prescription drugs. This program does not make payments directly to participating pharmacies. The cardholder is responsible to pay 100% of the purchase price for all prescription drugs. The purchase price includes the discounted cost of the prescription drug plus all dispensing fees. The cardholder pays the lower of the discounted prescription drug cost plus dispensing fees, or the participating pharmacy’s cash price to customers.

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